Sebastian “niQ” Robak has successfully passed his trial period and has officially joined Gambit Gaming. His task is not easy – he has to fill Alex Ich’s shoes. Based on his success in Solo Queue as well as his performance during the first two stages of LCS EU Summer, we believe that he will accumulate a necessary experience of playing at the professional level by the end of this Summer, so we can successfully perform at S4WC EU Qualifiers.
Even though our results so far aren’t spectacular, we believe that our training process will allow us to reach an optimum shape soon. Our updated roster is currently working on improving communication and teamwork.
Our closest games are happening this week – on Thursday we are going up against Copenhagen Wolves and on Friday against SK Gaming.

Statement by Sebastian “niQ” Robak:
"I am very happy to join Gambit Gaming, as it is really big opportunity for me to improve as a player. Joining such a great team is a really big responsibility, so now I have to train harder and more than ever before. I am really thankful to Gambit for giving me a chance and I will do everything I can to not let them down."