Yesterday was the most important playday for us at the Super Week, since we were facing two teams that were doing incredibly well over the past few weeks at LCS EU Spring. By the end of the day Alex Ich and Diamond decided to share their thoughts about our games against SK Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves.

Alexey "Alex Ich" Ichetovkin (source):
"Good games in this week LCS. With first pick it was much easier to do good strategies. In first game we decided to disable Jesiz banning out his comfort zone champions and banning sven's super pantheon SPARTA. We got a bit shaky start but then Diamond showed why he is one of the best junglers in eu doing doublekill top and I was able to shut down jesiz mid. Game went smooth.

In second game Copenhagen Wolves showed why u don't want to leave Kassadin open. Your game becomes into shutdown kassadin. And while ur succeding his team is getting big. And it is really to sut him down too. GG WP tomorrow will be super hard game. Alliance looks strong."

Danil "Diamond" Reshetnikov (source):
"Much games today friends, wow! Finally we were not wasting a day for only one game, but we got two! :)

And that was great. In the begining of the first game i felt a bit nervous about the result, because our lanes were getting lost. So i decided to make some risky plays with flash on enemies, because i knew they didnt see me after i jumped in the bush, and it actually paid off. Then every lane made a comeback and there was only execution-phase left further on. Great play by Darien not losing a lane to the most dangerous solotop championin the game. I felt really great after that game but there was another one left at that day.

In the second game, when enemies left kassadin open, we were thinking about their counterplays to him, because noone in his mind would leave kass open without a good counter to him. After they picked gragas we knew that its gonna be 2x1 lane on mid. That was great for us, because we already banned out Caitlyn, which is the most dangerous enemy in this scenario. The goal was to just farm until kassadin will get strong enough to kill all the enemies while we will tank everything we can. So we should've just hold all the tier-2 turrets and nashor to win the game. Not a big deal, when opponents leaving all your jungle free for you, when you have a kassadin. So i was just farming all-day-long, stole one dragon and then after even one-shoting our support, enemy team got completely destroyed by only 4 members of ours. 

Thanks for watching friends, see you tomorrow on our match against Alliance. Purple side is not usually favourable for us, but we will try our best to win that game and secure the frst place after that superweek."