First of all, we would like to confirm that Gambit Gaming at LCS EU Week 6 are going to be represented by  the roster that was previously leaked. Since this information became available prior to our official announcement, in the given article we will emphasize the process of selecting our substitute players.

Denmark Morten "Zorozero" Rosenquist - Top
Sweden Johan "Hulberto" Johansson - Jungle
Norway Erlend "Nukeduck" Våtevik Holm - Mid
Germany Jakob "fury III" Burke - AD Carry
Russia Edward "Edward" Abgaryan - Support

As you might have already noticed, we are using four substitute players, even though only three of our core players aren't able to attend the competition this week. As soon as it became clear that we are going to recruit at least three foreign players, we decided that Evgeny "Genja" Andryushin is going to miss this stage as well, since his level of English doesn't allow him to play in the international roster, therefore this week our roster will consist of only one Gambit's core player. Since Edward is the only one representing our core roster, he was in charge of picking four substitutes.

When our roster was revealed, quite a few of you were surprised why we didn't recruit Aleš "Freeze" Kněžínek. The thing is, you cannot recruit more than two players from the same team, whereas we initially decided to pick up Zorozero and Nukeduck, since in our view it is mandatory to get a hold of the strongest players available for Top and Mid. Doubtlessly, these two players are the most experienced and skilled representatives of the European amature scene - not only did they had a successful run at LCS EU Summer'13, but they also were playing in the group stage of the Season Three World Championship. As for the jungler Hulberto, NiP's players suggested that we pick him up.

This week our AD Carry is a player from Germany, Jakob "fury III" Burke. The reason he got picked up is quite simple - Edward used to play with him in Duo Queue, therefore both of them have a solid understanding of what should they expect from each other, while playing in the bot lane.

We solidified our roster this Monday, therefore they began practicing on Tuesday, On Wednesday they departed to Cologne, whereas the final preparations are going to take place today and tomorrow, and their primary goal is to figure out what to do against the specific opponents. We would like to remind that today at 20:00 CET we are playing against Roccat and tomorrow at the same time against SUPA HOT CREW. Even though this quintet is in a tough spot, they are determined to win - the two final training sessions are scheduled to last for seven hours each.

Despite us coming up with this particular roster already in the beginning of this week, we weren't able to announce it until all of the formalities were sorted out with the representatives of Riot Games. The official procedure of recruiting players for the official games encompasses an extensive paperwork for every single substitute player, whom we have four in total. Moreover, the communication is a long-drawn process due to the fact that we are handling these issues with the representatives of the office located in Los Angeles.