In his latest blog our jungler talks about both our games during the fourth week of LCS EU Spring, against SUPA HOT CREW and Copenhagen Wolves, as well as clarifies the thought process behind his second build on the reworked Evelynn.

Danil "Diamond" Reshetnikov (source):
"Just got back to home after a hard and interesting LCS week, and finally have something to share with you, my friends.

At first i want to talk about match against CW. It started up great for us, because we just dominated every single lane and we were taking a lot of objective, increasing our adventage really fast. But then there was nothing left on the map to take, except towers and nashor, so we finally started to fight our opponents. At that stage of the game we all had built a lot of defencive items(even genja went fast GA), except Alex. So the main goal was to kinda protect him, while he is protecting us with his shields+ultimate+tons of damage. Our opponents have read it perfectly and their engages relied heavily on focusing our squishiest member, which worked great for them and kinda backed them in the game. They even took a lategame dragon then, which gives a lot of gold. After those two of three failfights from us the game was about to go into a deep late with a slight advantage on our side. It still wasn't bad for us, because our toplane and jungle champions were much better at that stage of the game, but even a slight mistake could ruin everything. But we focused even more and won a nashor-fight, and then the game. Even though it was close, Genja went a full man-mode there and finished that fight in our favor :)

I also heard you would like to know more about my "strange" evelynn build there. At first lets talk about jungle item choice. It was spectral wraith, instead of elder lizard in that game. Why? Well, those items are pretty equal in terms of dps, clearspeed and everything else on evelynn, but elder lizard requirs to actually hit enemies with autos to have a profit from its passive. And it's definately hard to do against wukong and kayle, so i'd better stay a bit away from them and spam my Q's. Also when i backed first i've had just enough gold for boots+fiendish codex, which is GREAT at early fights and guaranteed us a fb on the toplane. Why cdr boots? Because atm you can't build sorcs on evelynn with her E doing physical damage, i also didn't need a boots of mobility or armor boots. So the only choice there was: cdr or mercs(only against annie?). Cdr boots are the best item for evelynn with spectral wraith in terms of dps with only one weakness - you are running out of mana REALLY quickly and you should have a good manamenegment to not waste all your mana on one of enemy tanks. You should always be able to go onto opponent's squishies anytime and atleast make them run away with lower health, and only then finish off enemy tanks, if its possible. Other items(hexdrinker->maw, seeker's armguard->zhonyas, randuins, banshee's veil) are just the most efficient defencive-dps-control items on her. I could build botrk instead of one of those items, but there was no need to chase someone, i also didnt have elder lizard for bigger autos and they had a kayle+wukong, which also counters botrk a bit. 

Thats all about the first game. Now lets talk about the painful one. It all started up at the picks&bans phase. All the bans+their firstpick went great for us. Because after all the bans only three op junglers(eve+vi+olaf) and three op midlaners(gragas, lulu, kayle) were left in game and we had a chance to choose any of them. The first big mistake was in the fact that we've got a 'tunnelvision' on lulu, considering her as the best midlaner. She probably is, BUT if u pick her and leave kayle open, it's not becoming smart to steal Vi away from them, coz she is not that strong against kayle. And Vi was the only champion, which i was 'afraid' of from Impaler's champions left. So there was smarter to pick Vi+Kayle for ourselfs, because i dont think our opponents could've played a good lulu or evelynn, so there would be a gragas+olaf/kha'zix i think, or something strange, which we're totally fine with. Even after those failpicks there was no end of the world yet. We moved into the game focused and prepared. Alex almost made a fb, i outfarmed Vi, Darien was even on his lategame champion with 'cheesy' renekton and things were looking good, but them we fed a fb and after that made a the core mistake of that game: we decided to fight against renekton at lvl6. That pretty much cost us a game, because even though we've done a dragon, renekton was fed as fk and it was impossible to fight against our opponents on any lanes(maybe with an exception for a bottom lane, but Rallez and Migxa were staying really safe on the lane, what was a really great decision from them). Atleast we've not ended up without a single kill xD. That was an intense match, which taught us something. GG&WP, SHC! 

I want to thank all of you guys watching our matches and cheering for us, and also my beautiful lady Darina for coming to the LCS this week to support me and forcing me to practice even moar <3. Sad that we didn't win all the matches, but you should sometimes lose to become better in something."