If you could remove a champion from the game, who would choose?

Alex Ich: "In League of Legends there are currently two champions, whose participation in a game can really sadden me. Kassadin and Teemo. The first one, given his tools, can either get nerfed to the ground and become totally undesirable to play, or become really imbalanced. This champion has silence, slow and a jump every few seconds, that allows him to engage from every possible angle, deal tons of damage and most of the time retreat undefeated.

Teemo became an unpleasant character in the fourth season. His mushrooms backed by a couple of items deal around 1000 damage after level  11, given that you have 90 MR or so. I think that red trinkets alone are insufficient to deal with him, unless all five of you are buying and upgrading them.  Teemo can get a huge positional advantage and be a pain even, when he is 0/10. I don't think that it's the way it's supposed to be."

Darien: "First of all, I don't really like thinking about alternative scenarios. Instead of removing a champion, I'd rather make a couple of new ones that are stronger, or would nerf him to become utterly unplayable. Essentially, I hate champions that can frequently make long jumps. I guess you know whom I am talking about." 

Diamond: "The answer is obvious - Kassadin. His skills' base damage, ability to jump and silence allow him to harass, and this harass doesn't have a viable counterplay. He can chase you all over the map, even if you have a Flash and some sort of a dash. It doesn't stop him, since Kassadin has a Flash that deals damage with a cooldown of six seconds. Feels like that this champion is an exile from Dota. Make him go back, please."

Genja: "Viktor. No one has really been playing him since his release, therefore League of Legends community won't even notice the loss of this champion."

Edward: "I'd remove two champions, Teemo and Kassadin. These two guys are just disgusting, and you have no idea what to do against them in SoloQ and even in competitive play. Moreover, Kassadin is almost always banned. The thing is, you don't need to play well to win with them, which doesn't make sense to me."