Evgeny "Darien" Mazaev, top laner of Gambit Gaming, has recently become the face of our team, and for a reason. Not only did he manage to step up his performance and in many cases carry our team on his own shoulders, but also he has become a fan favourite for his appealing personality. Keeping that in mind, it is no wonder why lolesports have chosen him specifically to be featured in their article.

The article written by Josh Augustine is based on the feedback he gathered from our players and is talking about Darien's game style, mindset, personality as well as his earlier days as a League of Legends players. Below you can get acquainted with all the feedback our players have provided.

What's the biggest strength you think Darien brings to the team?

Edward: "You are not playing unless you are feeding!"

Genja: "Darien makes games exciting! Often times he begins a game with a taunt for an enemy jungler, which makes game easier for you, whereas sometimes it can make it even harder, but in the end it allows you to work through all of the game scenarios.  He can play any champion well. "

Alex Ich: "Darien is a magnificent player in terms of creating lane pressure. He rarely loses his lane in official games and thus creates a pressure. If enemy top laner isn't assisted by his jungler, Darien can easily leave his lane and invade opposing jungle. He has great mechanics and is profound at playing tanks, who are very strong in the current meta."

Diamond: "His main input in our team is related to the fact that this gentlemen throughout his career has been the best 1v1 player in his lane. Of course, at times he cannot display it (lane swaps, "damned junglers" and so on), but Darien can deal decently deal with these problems. When junglers always used to come top after double buffs - it was my sheer pleasure to come to his line and fight like man in 2v2 scenarios with our enemies (our success rate in such scenarios was around 95%). Moreover, he has a great taunt for enemy junglers, which gives our team a huge advantage, allowing to dominate an opposing lane, while he entertains 2-5 enemies and sometimes comes out even alive."

How would you describe Darien, as a teammate?

Edward: "He is a problematic guy in our team, because he has his own opinion on everything and he is right even when he is wrong. Darien is a funny and a persistent guy with his own principles. Roughly speaking, you won't find anyone like him, since he is unique."

Genja: "He is a funny guy whom you can play other games with as well. He has his own opinion and he will stand for it."

Alex Ich: "In terms of being a member of our team, he is a very funny guy, who likes to stand for his own opinion, especially when we are talking about something silly.  He is constantly opening windows because he is passionate and he needs more fresh air, he likes to run racing with Diamond and he is fun overall. On top of that, he sometimes comes up with smart thoughts that force you to think, and it's another pro of his."

Diamond: "As for his personality - he is interesting, even well-read. I am attracted by his manner of communicating and his desire to keep himself in shape. We sometimes even run together in between the games. Even though our tastes differ in many subjects, and we can even call each other names after a failure at top, I still hold our Eugenes in high regard."

You've played with mostly the same group of players for so long. What is it that keeps you all together, and does that stability help you, as a player, perform well?

Darien: "During the time I have spent with my team, I have studied the play style of every single player and it helps me to plan my actions in team fights. Our long-liver team is not a variable, but rather a particular number for me."

Of all the successes you've had in LoL, which are you most proud of?

Darien: "Achievements belong to the past and I am looking only forward. I am proud of my current abilities that will allow me to win in the future."

What's been the hardest part of your career as a pro player?

Darien: "Earlier, when LCS didn't exist, I didn't feel like there were obstacles in my way, but after the launch of LCS I came across an obstacle that is big and unavoidable. This obstacle is Time."

How would you describe your playstyle in the top lane? What other pro is most similar to your style?

"I think that every player wants to be unique and original. I try to work out my style prior to the game depending on the top lane match-up. If you are stronger late game, it's not necessary to take risks, otherwise you have to risk and try to snowball your advantage before the enemy reaches the pick of his strength."

What do you feel is your biggest strength as a LoL player?

"Doubtless, my biggest strength is my experience. If you leave my experience of attending tournaments out of the equation, I guess it's the fact that I play fearlessly. I am not afraid to die or lose."

You're known for trailblazing new champion picks that later become popular (Malphite, Renekton, Warwick, etc.). How do you find new, good champions to try? Is it just a matter of spamming options in solo queue until you like one, or is your process more analytical than that?

Darien: "If I take a look at champions' grid and pick two of them, I can forecast the way the lane phase and even later parts of the game are going to work out. It is likely that this is the biggest difference between professional and casual players. Pro players must known the game at the level such as it allows them to make forecasts. The ability to forecast is one of the techniques a player has to possess if he decides to play something new, unknown and untried."