Which team and/or player surprised you the most at LCS Spring so far?

 I was mostly surprised by Alliance. I didn't count on them going 0/4 in the first week and I don't know the reason behind it, but it's a fact nevertheless. They were regarded as The Super Team and so on, but they couldn't even win a single game. It's understandable that every team can lose, but not all of their games...

I was surprised by the performance of Fnatic's bot lane, Rekkles and YellOwStaR. If you remember the way they played at BOTA and IEM Cologne and compare it to their performance at the first two weeks of LCS, you can see that they have drastically raised their level of play and coordination. Not many bot lanes from all the regions are capable of doing it. 

Alex Ich: 
At LCS so far I was mostly surprised by Rekkles and Fnatic overall. They managed to alter their play style and eliminate all of the mistakes they did at BOTA over the short period of time. Now they are a really strong team and you have to hold them in high regard. Just like with us, you can never know what to expect from Fnatic, and what their current shape is, but they did brilliantly at the first week of LCS. Their style of protecting ADC allowed Rekkles to have almost 0 deaths as well resulted in tremendous KDA for Rekkles and YellOwStaR. Oh well, we'll alter it.

How can you get surprised, if you don't see? I am not looking sideways, and there is no one in front of me.

I guess, if you are talking about LCS teams, the only team that surprised me more than Alliance was Polish team Roccat. Even though we've known them for a while and saw that they can play great, but at the same time can experience a serious slump, their preparation for LCS is just great: they make a good use of their knowledge of the current meta and can press the buttons decently. Well, it is always exciting to get a new decent opponent. Let's see how it develops.

As for players, I was pleasantly surprised by MrRallez. I saw him a lot in SoloQ, where he was consistently the best at his position. I was intrigued to see whether he will resume playing so well at LCS, since some players for some reason crack when they get there :). But even though, as far as I know, he was playing on the big stage for the first time, he didn't disappoint and displayed his skill. He even played "manly ", which is not typical for players at his position ^^