- Played jungle Karma twice during the seventh week of LCS EU Summer (Fnatic & Alternate). Interestingly, both sOAZ and Kerp started to play Karma in the top lane afterwards.

- Diamond versus inSec was one of the most hyped matchups in the first part of 2013. They had a chance to meet at two different events. In March Gambit Gaming faced KT Rolster B in the grand final of MLG Dallas International, and even though KTB overcame us with a score of 2:1, Diamond managed to outduel inSec in the third game in a spectacular manner.
In May both of them were representing their regions at All-Star tournament in China. First of all, Korean team didn't leave a chance for Europeans in the first round of playoffs. The next day Diamond faced inSec in the Skill Competition Finals. Both of them opted for Lee Sin, but they chose different builds - Diamond opted for defensive, sustain-oriented, whereas inSec for offensive, which allowed him to kill Diamond at level two and thus win the tournament. In the semi-final Diamond had another mirror matchup (Caitlyn vs Caitlyn) against WE's Troll.

- Used to run an Elixir of Brilliance start on Evelynn, which was suggested to him by one of his viewers on his own stream on TwitchTV. Arguably, this build assisted him in getting his second MVP title at Intel Extreme Masters for his dominant performance in the second game of the grand final against Fnatic at IEM Cologne. Previously, he popularized a build including Spirit of the Elder Lizzard.

- Popularized jungle Nasus and Volibear in the Spring Split, both of whom have seen a lot of play in Europe and North America.

- In our very first game at LCS EU Spring against Evil Geniuses he did one of the earliest if not the earliest successful Dragon attempt. He was playing Udyr and flashed over the wall in order to avoid being spotted.