"Men in Suits" is a short series presenting photos of four* of our players and their manager, all of them wearing tailor-made suits. If you remember, there was a short YouTube feature by LoLChampSeries presenting our new outfits. Even though we didn't get a chance to wear them yet, we are still looking for a right opportunity. Moreover, each submission will include the most memorable facts from 2013 about a specific person.

* Edward was playing for Curse at a time, but he will get one as well, should we decide to use them for a particular event.

- Twice this year, when we had a significant lead in a game, Evgeny ended up building AP items on Shyvana. He went for  Rylai's Crystal Scepter against Fnatic at IEM Cologne and for Needlessly Large Rod as well as Rabadon's Deathcap against XDG at Battle of the Atlantic.

- He popularized Renekton at IEM Katowice - this champion is still one of the most contested picks in the top lane.

- "In the top lane the man who feeds to win". Two videos (I, II) by dodgelol combined gathered as of now almost 1,6 million views.

- We couldn't resist the temptation to acknowledge Darien's charisma and thus have created two videos ourselves: Darien The Snakeman and Darien SWAG (Gambit Edition).

- Darien played Darius once this year. He picked up this champion in the second game of the semifinal against CJ Entus Frost at IEM World Championship in Hanover. He ended up getting an impressive KDA of 10/1/4 as well as a triple kill.