Battle of the Atlantic is the last tournament we are participating at this year. It encompasses five matches between ten teams from Europe and North America that have secured their participation at LCS Spring Season back in August at Gamescom for European teams and PAX for North American teams. Two matches were already played in Cologne, while the remaining three are yet to commence in Los Angeles. Last week TSM overcame Lemondogs and newly formed Alliance (formerly known as EG) overcame Dignitas, and thus North America is currently leading with a score of 2:1. On the bright side for European fans, there are six points yet to be claimed by either region and Europe can still come out victorious, if both  of these conditions are met:

1) Fnatic wins over Cloud 9 (3 points)  
2) Gambit wins over XDG (2 points) or Alternate wins over CLG (1 point)

Most of us have already made it to Los Angeles with the exception of groove and Diamond. Danil might be great at controlling timings of in-game objectives, but he certainly chose the wrong time to fall asleep. He was supposed to depart to Los Angeles yesterday as well, but he fell asleep at the scheduled gates of his flight, but the gates where changed while he was sleeping. Having missed this announcement he didn't make it to his flight in time, but he got a new ticket and has already departed earlier today. Even though he is arriving later than the rest of our players, he won't miss any critical activities for our team.  This occurrence proves that our jungler is capable of sleeping wherever he can.  

Diamond sleeps where he pleases

Konstantin, on the other hand, won't attend this event at all due to a little accident. He managed to tear his eyebrow and had to pay a visit to a surgeon. He has already received a necessary treatment and is feeling well, but he will be following our performance, just like the most of you, by watching a stream at home.  Throughout the past two years he has barely missed a single match played by our team, but we are certain that our players will manage to look after themselves and earn crucial points for Europe by overcoming XDG.

Tune in to our match against XDG this Saturday at 20:00 CET / 23:00 MSK. And if you want to cheer for Europe altogether, you can check our Battle of the Atlantic coverage to find out the schedules of the remaining two games.