As we have stated previously, we are spending the next three days in Shanghai to represent BenQ at Tencent Gaming Carnival 2013. We arrived to Shanghai last night, but before sharing our detailed schedule for this event, we have to declare that Alex Ich is going to miss this event due to a prophylactic treatment.

Statement by Alexey "Alex Ich" Ichetovkin (source):

"I wasn't able to travel to Shanghai with my team due to prophylactic treatment in sanatorium. I think I will be there for around two weeks. This is due to my operation that was done 1 year and a half ago after Hannover. I hope that we will have enough time with my team to prepare for the new patch and Battle of Atlantics. I will start streaming when I get back. I hope I will get a lot of energy and my health will get better to play godlike in upcoming games. See you guys."

Alex Ich had scheduled this treatment long before we received an invitation from BenQ to participate at this event. We would like to thank BenQ and our fans attending this event for their understanding. To compensate for his absence at the event, Alex Ich recorded a short message to his Chinese fans and signed T-Shirts for giveaways. We hope that our fans will have an enjoyable experience while interacting with us nevertheless, and that we will have enough time to prepare for an upcoming match against XDG at the Battle of the Atlantic on December 21st.