This week we made several announcements that made it to the front page of /r/leagueoflegends in a blink of an eye, therefore we would like to test a new format of coverage. We would like to compile the feedback that  the community left about us on Reddit over the course of this week. If you enjoy this type of content, we will resume doing it on a weekly or a biweekly basis - depends on how much exposure do we get during a certain week.

Reddit thread I: Alex Ich about Ocelote and Reginald stepping down
This thread is a response to the article we published on our web site last Sunday. As per usual, some people  failed their reading comprehension test and assumed that it was Alex stepping down, but don't you worry, he is currently practicing with the rest of Gambit for the upcoming IEM Cologne. Famous personalities, such as Thorin and SivHD, contributed by acknowledging Alex as one of the most nicest guys in the competitive League of Legends scene. 

Reddit thread II:
Pre-Season 4 roster changes strike Gambit Gaming
In the beginning of this week we announced that Voidle was released from our team. Even though afterwards we realised that  this phrase "our lineup has to be both skilled and experienced" was pretty much a spoiler pointing at Edward, some people were still considering other options, for instance, nRated, Darker, makemesplit and XL Winner. Yet quite a few weren't betting on Edward, since our players formerly stated that he won't be coming back.
EveryoneisOP3 even promised to eat his shoe, if Edward would come back. When Edward's return was announced, his decision to live up to his statement earned his some free Karma and "Reddit Gold" ;)
As for Voidle, we are pleased that he wasn't bashed into the ground by Reddit users, who seem to share the same opinion about him - he is a great player, who has reached Challenger on EUW, but his lack of experience was dragging him down on the competitive scene.

EveryoneisOP3 lived up to his promise

Reddit thread III: GG BenQ Genja's predictions for the Battle of the Atlantic
This discussion is based on the predictions Genja made for the Battle of the Atlantic. The discussion was pretty heated, since it involved fans from two Western regions, Europe and North America. This comment is probably the best conclusion you can make, when it comes to predictions of the outcomes of the matches between North American and European teams:

As for Genja's predictions, majority of users seem to agree that they are valid. The only match up people tend to debate about is the result of the outcome of Cloud 9 and Fnatic. Despite Fnatic overcoming Cloud 9 at Season Three World Championship, Genja believes that Cloud 9 are able to capitalize on their strengths and punish Fnatic for their risky play.

Reddit thread IV: Gambit Edward is back!
Once again we can conclude that people aren't paying attention - our interviews always contain subtitles and lately we've been publishing the written translations as well. Make sure to turn on subtitles and check the description.
Darker, who has been actively commenting on Reddit threads about Gambit, once against has earned himself a decent chunk of karma.
Some time ago there was a rumour about the creation of the European Super Team that involved two of our players. These players rejected their involvement with this team, so some users named Gambit this way upon Edward's return. Hopefully, we will prove them right. 

Reddit thread V: Why EdWard was invited back into Gambit
This thread links to the video embedded below. Edward outplays Alex Ich by predicting his actions. Some of the users noticed that Edward has even adopted Genja's signature "Three Doran's Blade" build, whereas our support player acknowledged Genja's influence on his performance on Ashe:

Reddit thread VI: 
Alex Ich on the current state of EU Challenger
This Saturday Alex Ich posted his thoughts about the problems surrounding players who are trying hard to reach Challenger. His feedback was supported by EG's top laner Wickd, who has previously stated his discontent with the way the things are right now. Since it is the final week of Season Three, there were a lot of threads criticizing the current state of things. If you are not familiar with the reason it is getting criticized, we suggest you check Season 3 Challenger issues, a compendium that contains all of the posts about this issue.