Pre-Season 4 roster changes have already affected a lot of teams across all regions and our team is not an exception.  Today we are announcing that we are not going to extend our contract with Erih "Voidle" Sommermann. Erih is stepping down from our starting lineup and won't stay in Gambit Gaming as a substitute player.

No matter what tournament we play at, our goal is to win it. The level of competition both at the global and the regional levels is growing by the minute and in order to keep up with the competition our lineup has to be both skilled and experienced. There is no denying that Erih is a talented player and he is not lacking in the skill department, but the lack of the international experience and competing at the highest level had a huge impact on his performance at S3WC and Gamescom. Unfortunately,  we as a team that aims to become the best cannot have flaws and therefore we had to release Erih. We would like to thank him for assisting us in qualifying to Season Three World Championship and reaching a solid top eight placement.

Statement of Erih "Voidle" Sommermann:
"While I'm a bit sad that I won't be playing with Gambit Gaming in the next season, I am still very thankful for the opportunity they gave me and the time we spent together. Thanks to them and the help of Riot I was able to fulfil a dream I had had since the start of the year. I wish them luck in the S4 LCS and hope to meet them again on the fields of justice maybe under a different team."