This week it was announced that two famous players are stepping down from the starting lineups of their respective organizations. Ocelote and Reginald were replaced by two Danish mid laners, Jesiz and Bjergsen. When it comes to Bjergsen, we can assume that his acquisition will strengthen TSM's roster - this guy is certainly one of the best newcomers to the professional League of Legends scene in 2013. We don't want to underestimate Reginald's performance, but it became apparent that it is very unlikely to compete with the best players out there, when you have other responsibilities that prevent you from focusing on polishing your individual performance. As for Jesiz, he didn't get a lot of exposure yet - majority of us got a chance to witness him play only once, yesterday in a BO1 showmatch between SK and n!faculty, so we are yet to find out how good he can do against more experienced European counterparts.

Reginald and Ocelote are among the players who left an immense impact on the development of League of Legends scene in general. Their efforts in running their own brands, competing at the highest level and becoming the face of the entire community have definitely earned them a lot fans and attracted more people to join and enjoy the League. These roster changes will certainly will have an impact on our team. Even though SK and NiP have to reclaim their spots in EU LCS, they definitely have a great chance to requalify. Our own mid laner Alex Ich decided to comment upon these significant changes involving his fellow mid laners:

"I think it was hard for Reginald to simultaneously manage TSM, be its captain and at the same time to play at the highest level - it drains all of your energy. Therefore, he made a tough decision - to leave the team and focus at managing it and supporting their web site. I think that TSM with Bjergsen as their mid laner will become a decently strong team, they are capable of playing at the highest level and competing with Asian teams.

As for Ocelote, I think it was meant to happen sooner or later, he wasn't obliged to play in SK forever. I honestly don't know why did he make this choice and what was driving his decision, but whatever is done, is done for the best. He had his highs and lows, but he can leave and become one of the best streamers alongside PhantomL0rd, Siv HD and Trick2g, or he can resume his professional career. I don't have any information about SK's new mid laner, so only time will tell."